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Kobido facial massage

Known as Japanese Natural Lifting or Lifting without surgery, this technique is based on the tradition which believes that

facial beauty is the reflection of a perfect balance among mind, body and soul.

 This massage combines Chinese Traditional Medicine concepts as face reflexology and beauty Japanese techniques that

provides excellent achievements of our health and beauty improvement. Kobido stimulates sensorineural points and works

deeply on face,skin, nerves and facial muscles providing them relaxation and better blood flow, which increase nutrition

cell regeneration collagen production and elastin, in addition to a lymphatic drainage that causes the elimination of toxins

and impurities.

The immediate result is a much brighter face where wrinkles are attenuated and where the tension is changed by a relaxed

expression that radiates from the inner well-being that this massage provides

It also provides many other benefits, both aesthetic and therapeutic:

-Rejuvenation and luminosity of the face

-Reaffirms and tones skin and facial muscles

-Eliminates, attenuates and prevents wrinkles of expression

-Release tension from facial and neck muscles

-Regeneration and repair of the skin (oxygenates and nourishes your cells)

-Reduces skin flaccidity and spots

-Reduce stress and anxiety by providing rest and relaxation

-Beneficious for those suffering from bruxism

-Recommendable in cases of psoriasis, dry or oily skin

-Patients with migraines or tension in eyes, jaw, etc.

The results are visible from the first session, skin radiant, smooth and without wrinkles, full of vitality

60 minutes 45 euros

90 minutes 65 euros