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Foot Reflexology

Much more than a relaxing foot massage, it is based on knowledge of the reflex nerves endings that connect each organ

of the body with acupuncture points located on the feet.

Through the manipulation of these points it is possible to detect symptomatology of pathologies or dysfunctions and

achieve a healthy response of our organic systems through techniques that take advantage of this reflex action. Besides its

high therapeutic value to treat pain or other health disorders, it allows to predict diseases who have not yet manifested

symptoms and apply preventive treatments.

It also generates endorphins and has a very pleasant tranquilizing effect, relaxing nerves and tensions while increasing

blood flow.

Reflex therapy is very effective and beneficial in many cases such as:

-Headaches, back or any organ

-Migraines, dizziness, headaches and eye strain or fatigue

-Reduce stress and anxiety by strengthening the immune system

-Treatment of organ dysfunctions

-Body energy balance eliminating possible blockages

-Digestive disorders (constipation, diarrhoea, lack of appetite) and endocrine system

-Colds, flu, asthma, allergies


-Sleep disorders

- Menstrual irregularities


-Favours the elimination of toxins

-It stimulates nervous function and increases energy

Some treatments may require several sessions to be effective

It is not recommended in case of infection, fungus, fractures, wounds or fissures in the feet. Neither in pregnant women,

serious heart diseases or cancer patients without first consulting your doctor.

60 minutes 50 euros 90 minutes 70 euros